Acting is behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances - Sanford Meisner

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What comes to our mind once we think of acting? Portraying a known role in our unique way, isn’t it? We think acting is just playing a lead in a high school drama or a big roleplay in a theatre. Acting is a natural talent that is present in each one of us. Let’s take an instance when we listen to any speech or anything like even a song, what comes to our mind, how do we change our way of expression? We might notice some changes within us. When we say we are listening, it's not only hearing something or someone. We do react to what we hear and often get affected if we are active. The actor’s job is usually to express emotions as freely as possible.

If you really want to put your shoes into the shoes of an actor, you need to start from the best, as when it comes to acting there are no shortcuts possible. If you want to be a successful actor, you shall be challenging and strong enough both, physically and emotionally. Firstly, take acting classes from a knowledgeable instructor. Taking skill classes that will focus on developing acting techniques and progressive processes. Never underestimate the value of learning and practicing any technique either.

Secondly, if you want to play a role successfully, you need to get to know your character. And to excel in that, you need to focus on what the character needs to do to get, what they won't like what the character is doing of the utmost importance. The third thing that you should do is to read the scripts and practice on your own. In acting, your body is your instrument, develop skills to help you find tune that instrument. The actor shall know how to use the physical being to support characteristics of a role that will enhance and justify the role of the character. To become an efficient actor, they have to develop their body, the actor has to work on his voice, but the most important in the actor has to work on his mind. When it comes to auditions, always put your best foot forward.
Present the best version of yourself. The initial step to an audition is by just using the best version of ourselves. Every situation demands a better skill, as scenes may vary, you may have to laugh in a scene, and in the very other scene, you may be asked to cry immensely. Actors have to be ready with every scene putting their best foot forward. Competition in this field is very healthy and can be considered as life and mostly this thing is not acknowledged by all actors. They want to complete. They want to get along and they are therefore not first-rate actors.

Janine Hawley, associate professor of voice in the School of Drama and Director of Acting Out! UNCSA’s community actor training program, shares that time and dedication can take many forms, she adds, “Find other actors and read plays with them. Do scene work, write, hang out with designers and artists, be creative with like-minded people. Never stop being curious about the world and the work and how they inhabit each other.”