Artbeat Entertainment - The vision of Mr. Rahul Rasimo

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Rahul Rasimo, being the founder of Artbeat Entertainment as well as the lead director in the company, is committed to providing quality film production to his audience with a load of premium content. But every new beginning is bound to be quite tough and challenging in itself. There are ups and downs midway which hit the leader hard and expect him to emerge as a roughy-toughy one.

What does Rahul do when things don’t work in his favour? How does he uplift his mood when things do not go as set by him?

“My ultimate dream motivates me to constantly keep going even under a load of negativity”, says Rahul. “I believe that life is not generous enough to provide everyone a bag full of opportunities. If I miss any opportunity to grab, my whole team will have to suffer. There are days when things don’t go the way I had expected them to be or my team is on a downhill.” On asking, how Rahul, as a leader, manages to tie up the things to motivate his team? He answers, “I urge them to be patient and work constantly. According to me, there is no shortcut to achieve success. You have to work, abide by the competition and take small steps in order to get near to the big success.”

Mr. Rahul Rasimo has completed his bachelor’s degree from the renowned “Asian Academy of Film and Television”. On asking about how his college experience has helped him in leading the view of the company, he smiles and speaks, “College life brings a new aura from inside an individual which he himself is unknown of before. When I speak of myself, I have learned how to work as a team in order to grab an opportunity and turning it into a trophy. Talking about skills, I have learned story writing, screenplay, and camera lighting in my institution.”

Having a talk about his major projects and work experience, Rahul has worked quite a lot as per his short tenure: - Regarding the gadgets and machinery used, Artbeat Entertainment uses good quality Cameras and lenses, Gimbal, Drone, Tripod, Microphone, Light Reflector, Computer with video editing software. The company is dipped into the insight of all production work related to the camera. i.e., Portfolio, Music Video, Short-film, Web series, and Advertisement. Artbeat Entertainment has proved its worth in such a short period of time led by Mr. Rahul. The company aims at achieving still higher expectations of its clients with a lifted zeal and the tint of enthusiasm so that, it emerges as a new upliftment in the field of film production.